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Into the Void

After five editions Into the Void has become a much appreciated music festival when it comes to stoner, sludge, doom and everything related. The sixth edition will take place on the Friday October 19 and Saturday October 20th, 2018 in the cultural capital of the north: Leeuwarden (also the home of Into the Grave, in the venue Neushoorn. Into the Void will present you with more than 25 bands divided over 2 days. Each of those bands will (literally) blow you away with heavy, slow riffs or surprise you with their distinct and hybrid sound.

The festival is not only known for its massive line-up, but also for the good atmosphere, the beautiful artwork (posters are available at the festival) and t-shirts. And let’s not forget about the vinyl you can buy for your collection and the beer that will definitely flow! Check the line-up on this website, check our Facebook.

We appreciate all help, so share our page and event with your friends, share your experiences, so we can make the festival a great success. We are looking forward to welcoming you in October! Into the Void is sponsored by the Dutch Foundation for Performance Art (Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten). Check their site for more info.


Into the Void – Day splits announced

With the addition of the latest bands for Into the Void, being Mono, A Storm Of Light, Desert Storm and Chief of Smoke, the day splits of the festival have been published. Day tickets are also on sale now! Into the Void will take place on October 19 and 20, in the...

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Mono and more confirmed for ITV 2018!

We'll start today with the bad news: John Garcia has cancelled his performance at Into the Void 2018. The good news is that we have a couple of great names that will soften the blow. Japanese band MONO (Japan) will return to Into the Void, with their powerful...

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Orange Goblin, Wo Fat and more to Into the Void!

Dutch stoner, sludge and doom metal festival Into the Void has revealed new names for the 2018 edition on October 19 and 20th in the venue Neushoorn, Leeuwarden (NL). Among the new are Orange Goblin, Wo Fat, Boss Keloid, Famyne and Ancestors. John Garcia, Elder,...

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Grajo cancels, time schedule adapted!

We have some bad news a day before the event: Grajo had to cancel due to personal reasons. This means that The Fifth Alliance will play at Grajo's slot: from 14:45 - 15:30 h in the arena and Telepathy will play first on Saturday in the big hall at 14:00 h.

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Wo Fat- Into the Void

Wo Fat

Formed in 2003, Texan psychedelic blues doom band Wo Fat took their name from a villain on the 1970’s show Hawai Five-O. Having been around for 15 years they are now rocking harder than ever, playing shows across the globe. In 2013 the band landed a deal with iconic stoner rock label, Small Stone Records, with whom they released their most critically acclaimed albums, The Black Code (2013) and The Conjuring (2014). Taking pride in their tradition Wo Fat keeps it fuzzy but groovy, all while staying true to the deep, dark blues sound. Can you dig it?

Mourning Beloveth - Into the Void

Mourning Beloveth

Irish death/doom metal band Mourning Beloveth started out in winter 1992, yet the first untitled recording did not see the daylight until 1996. With a long and impressive discography built up over the years, the most recent studio-effort of the band is Rust & Bone (2015), released by the German label Van Records. Musically speaking, comparisons to early Anathema and My Dying Bride are often made. The band does not shy away from experimenting with their sound, especially with the last album, where Mourning Beloveth incorporates some black metal elements.

Zatokrev - Into the Void


In 2002, the musical horizon in Basel, Switzerland, was a barren wasteland. And so, Zatokrev saw the light of day. Their first self-titled album was only intended for demo purposes but immediately set the ball rolling for Zatokrev. Their mixture of slow, heavy rock and extreme metal styles gave them a creative, unpredictable reputation early on. Through metaphorical lyrics and artworks Zatokrev aims to express their personal and spiritual struggles, a vibe that is supported by the typical monolith sound and slow groove, to moments of ambient and industrial sounds.

Pyraweed - Into the Void


“Smoking Marijuana and transferring senses with the help of sounds”. Nijat Hasanzadeh started Pyraweed as a one man project, which in 2015 became the trio as it is today. The young band, hailing from Azerbaijan makes sludge/stoner metal, listing doom metal band Sleep as their biggest influence. Pyraweed has since released 3 full lengths of dark and mysterious tracks, carrying strong green themes. The long tracks are fairly slow, allowing the listener to soak up the atmosphere of the steely guitars and raspy vocals. The band was received very well during their 2016 WOA performance and are guaranteed to put up a great show at Into the Void.

Haester - Into the Void


Belgian band Haester steadily molded their intense, dark musical path. Little is known about the band. Composed of members with outspoken characters they found their interest in heavy music. Although all come from different backgrounds such as Aborted, Death Before Disco, Nemea and Dedicated, they found a common ground in their love for heaviness.

Child - Into the Void


In 2012 the rock n roll underground scene of Melbourne, Australia, gained a new member. Stoner rock band Child has captured the attention of both blues and heavy rock enthusiasts from all over the world. Even though the band has not been around for long they have been working hard, building mountains and mountains of voluptuous riffs. Their roots are tightly entwined in the blues genre, however, they take a heavier, more visceral approach. They pride themselves in upholding the tradition of Australian rock that they grew up with. With influences such as AC/DC, The Easybeats and Rose Tattoo that shaped Child as a band.

Famyne - Into the Void


Canterbury doom group Famyne formed in 2014, and have since gained a reputation of being the best doom band to come out of Kent these past years. In order to forge a unique sound of their own the band combines elements of Doom with stoner, hard-rock, psychedelia, prog and grunge, an impressive blend. On stage, vocalist Tom is a possessed creature, putting down a hypnotic stage performance while the rest of the band fight like the dedicated doom warriors they are.


Chief of Smoke

Inspired by the seventies and in particular the Vietnam War, Chief of Smoke navigates the listener through the gloomy, boggy and fiercely contested battlegrounds: that is the rice fields to which the title of their debut, ‘Rice Paddy Rodeo’, refers. The outcome is genuine stoner with a touch of doom. Music that is solidly constructed like a house built out of granite.


Jo Quail

Jo Quail is a cellist and composer of instrumental music. Performing live as Jo Quail, her music has mesmerised and delighted audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan. In her live solo performance, Jo plays an electric cello and uses looping to combine atonality with rich orchestration and deft percussive sounds to produce ‘majestic soundscapes’.



Although they borrow their moniker from the capital city of the country Belarus, Minsk actually hail from Peoria, IL, of all places, where the bandmembers began working on demos circa 2002, inspired by a cross section of ancient doom and futuristic post-metal that was growing quite popular at the time thanks to the emergence of groups like Isis, Cult Of Luna and Rwake. For Minsk, distinction from the pack would emanate from their unusually percussive approach, a consequence of the complex interplay between vocalist, keyboardist and conga player Tim Meade and drummer Anthony Couri.

Acid King - Into the Void

Orange Goblin

Inspired by the gods of hard rock and heavy metal, Orange Goblin was born amid the mid 90’s explosion of stoner rock. However, the band from London has much more up their sleeve than red-eyed boogie and “flapping flares”. Over almost 25 years the band has proved to be consistently putting out solid records with ass kicking riffs and all the heavy metal goods. Orange Goblin has mostly gained their reputation by becoming a formidable live band, renowned crowd-pleasers. An Orange Goblin show is a guaranteed good time and a big workout for your neck muscles. All that is left is to get the beers in.

Conan - Into the Void


In recent years, the English stoner/doom metal band Conan has taken a prominent place in the stoner metal genre. The musicians describe their own music as ‘caveman battle doom’ and when you listen to the music, it actually makes a lot of sense. The songs of the band are characterized by a typical sludge sound, yet also by aggression and eery primal screams. Conan has recently started working on a new album that will be the successor of Revengeance (2016) and we are looking forward to hear some new tunes from these guys at this years Into the Void!

Blood Of The Sun - Into the Void

Blood Of The Sun

American rock band Blood of the Sun was formed in 2002 by Saint Vitus-drummer Henry Vasquez and Dave Gryder (Storm At Sunrise) on keyboards. Blood of the Sun’s goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the seventies, think In Rock era Deep Purple, with contributions from highly respected icons from Ted Nugent and Point Blank on the record Burning on the Wings of Desire. The strength of the band lies in modernizing a classic rock sound rather than copying it. Check it out for yourself at Into the Void 2018.

Naxatras - Into the Void


Naxatras is a stoner/psychedelic rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece. As a combination of great musicians with a clear universe in mind they try to bring back psychedelic music to its core. Using analog equipment only the band have recorded 2 full lengths and an EP, which has given Naxatras a distinctive sound that sets them apart. These releases immerse you into their universe through one long trip of jazzy, trippy rock with floating notes and a deep bass. Not only their music is an experience, the band gives high energy performances that aims to stimulate your senses. Join the trip at Into The Void!

Ancestors- Into the Void


Ancestors music ranges from the primordial doom of Black Sabbath, to the futuristic space rock of Hawkind. After their formation in 2006 Ancestors started experimenting with all sorts of elements. Their music includes various uncommon instruments in the genre such as electronics and an organ to produce epic-sized musical suites, rather than conventional brief songs. Despite their influences from progressive rock to heavier stoner rock they never set out to have a specific sound when writing music which makes every Ancestors album unique.

Grim van Doom - Into the Void

Grim van Doom

Described by many as the kaleidoscope of anger, sludge metal band Grim van Doom from Germany will use their rage to tear up the stage this edition of Into the Void. In 2011 the members had the urge to do something very slow, which ended up becoming Grim van Doom. A dark, vicious blend of doom and sludge with that downtempo heaviness.

rrrags - Into the Void


Band Rrrags set themselves apart from the current crop of Sabbath worshippers. Not only do their songs have that old school fuzzed out sound and soulful approach, they also contain traces of psychedelica and psyfunk. The trio are masters in their craft and with their great sense of melody and powerful song writing they will take on Into the Void 2018.

hackberry - Into the Void


The 5 piece instrumental band Hackberry hails from the Dutch city of Groningen. Hackberry was brought to life in 2015. What started as a four piece has currently been made stronger when their pianist joined. It has made the band a very strong cocktail of progressive rock, stoner and metal with a hint of grunge whilst the music stays solely instrumental.

A Storm Of Light

A Storm of Light was founded in 2008 by bassist Domenic Seita and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Josh Graham. Graham is a former member of the post-rock outfit Red Sparowes, songwriter in Battle of Mice, and a longtime visual artist in residence with Neurosis (2000–2012). They have been categorized as post-rock, post-metal, doom metal, sludge metal and hard rock, but have moved toward a darker and heavier metal sound.

Desert Storm

Oxford based riff hounds Desert Storm have been making a name for themselves since they formed in 2007. From the beginning the band have worked hard…with 4 studio albums and relentless touring of the UK & Europe with the likes of Karma To Burn, Nashville Pussy, Peter Pan Speedrock, Honky and Hang The Bastard as well as support slots to the likes of Orange Goblin, Red Fang, American Head Charge, Weedeater, Crowbar, Mondo Generator, The Atomic Bitchwax and festival appearances at Bloodstock Festival, Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell, Giants of Rock, The Bulldog Bash, Desertfest (UK/DE) & Roadkill Festival. With all that being said, Desert Storm is a well experienced band that you don’t want to miss!

Elder - Into the Void


The band Elder is the definition of a work in progress, as the group continues to meld the familiar sounds of Sleep‘s colossal riffage with their ever-evolving vision of soaring melodies and sonic soundscapes. Listeners will find themselves locked into the trio’s lengthy epics, which toe the line between the chasms of classic stoner metal and mindblowing psychedelia. With every release, Elder has continued to push their sound in more dynamic and inspiring directions, while still holding true to their original methodology: all heavy, no filler.

Acid King - Into the Void

Acid King

1993 was the year of reckoning, when American stoner/doom band Acid King became an entity. The album Middle of Nowhere Center of Everywhere in 2015, was lauded by tastemakers such as Noisey and Blabbermouth. Since then, the band has been playing at festivals like Psycho Las Vegas, Erosion Fest, Desert Generator, and more as well as sharing the stage with everyone from Sleep and Down to Blue Öyster Cult, Red Fang, and YOB. For as loud as their riffs and roars are, Acid King’s legacy is as unassuming as it is enduring, casting a quiet shadow over the underground for over two decades.

Lucifer - Into the Void


Berlin/London based heavy doom rock band, LUCIFER, immediately generated a significant buzz when they first descended onto the scene in early 2015 with their debut 7″ ‘Anubis’, followed by their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Lucifer I’. The record, co-written by Johanna Sadonis and ex-Cathedral guitarist Gaz Jennings, lit a blazing fire for the band and spawned a wave of global press coverage. Although still firmly rooted in the fertile soil first cultivated by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Blue Oyster Cult, LUCIFER exist in a proudly liberated and limitless sonic realm, where the heaviest doom rock is a mere starting point for the band’s skyward creative trajectory.

Mother Engine - Into the Void

Mother Engine

After their lead singer left in 2011, German stoner rock band Mother Engine has been putting out instrumental music only. In each of their 3 released albums the band perfectly manages to tell a story without any vocals. The band gets inspired by sci-fi and space themes which they translate into their music with layers and layers of instruments. The complexity of sounds made their latest album Hangar a two year long process. Mother Engine brands this album as a big evolution from 60s and 70s progressive bands such as the iconic Led Zeppelin which is a story to experience.

Dead Quiet - Into the Void

Dead Quiet

It’s definitely not dead quite in Vancouver, where the five musicians of Dead Quiet started out playing melodic doom/ stoner rock. In 2015, the band released their self-titled debut album. Dead Quiet aims to combine melody with chaotic forces, whilst they explore dissonant sounds, crushing riffs and a hint of melancholy. The strength of the record lies in creating a truly heavy masterpiece, but also seeking depth and authenticity. Be sure to catch this band at Into the Void 2018.

Briqueville - Into the Void


Little is known about Belgian post metal band Briqueville. Having worn their masks and robes on stage for over ten years they shroud themselves in mystery, keeping themselves anonymous as an act of equality. Their performances are an instrumental mantra of spooky guitars and eerie chants, who’s repetition is ripped apart by sudden outbursts of sheer heaviness. Both the heavy sound and feel of the band shares its likeliness with names as Pelican and fellow Belgians Amenra. In order to understand the mystery behind Briqueville their music demands to be experienced live. Join them at Into the Void and see for yourself!

Bismut - Into the Void


Dutch bands are well represented at this years Into the Void. Bismut was formed out of the remains of Nijmegen’s notorious Bandito, Emperors and Geiser. The band makes vicious riffs and heavily drawn out grooves and with this sound are on their way to becoming the best band they can be. This year Bismut will record their first full length. In the meantime you can enjoy their dynamic intense performance.


The Tokyo, Japan based 4-piece Instrumental Rock band MONO was originally formed in 1999. Their unique approach of blending orchestral arrangements and shoegaze guitar noise in their music has been held in extremely high regard; so much so, that the band’s musicianship can no longer be sustained by Rock music alone and was praised by British Musical Magazine NME as “This is music for the Gods”. One of the most monumental live memories of the band was a special set of shows with a 23-piece orchestra in New York, Tokyo, London and Melbourne.

Boss Keloid

Starting out in 2010, Boss Keloid has been a busy band from the start. With releasing 4 full length records since the beginning, the band is pushing their boundaries with each release. These stoners from the United Kingdom make a mixture of heavy bass driven stoner riffs with some melodic parts in between. With the release of their latest full length “Melted on the Inch” they gained the love of a lot of critics and fans across the globe. Boss Keloid is a band you don’t want to miss.


THISQUIETARMY is the music project of Montreal-based artist Eric Quach, a pioneer of the Canadian experimental music scene. Revolving around improvised guitar drone and by combining textural & structural elements of ambient/noise, electronic/shoegaze, post-punk/krautrock, black/doom metal, thisquietarmy creates a wide range of dynamic soundscapes which oscillates between repetitive dreamy minimalism, multi-layered noise textures and electronic industrial beats.



Buy your tickets here! Tickets for the next edition are now on sale via Ticketmaster. A weekend ticket is 45 EUR(service fees of 2,50 EUR excluded) and gives you access for both Friday and Saturday. Day tickets will be made available at a later moment.


Location and transport

Here is some practical information for when you are planning on coming to Into the Void. The address of the venue is: Neushoorn, Ruiterskwartier 41, 8911 BP, Leeuwarden. You cannot park in front of the venue, but there are two car parks nearby called Oldehoofsterkerkhof and Zaailand. For more information, check THIS website (in English).

When you arrive by public transport, you can use for planning the route by train and – for a journey that includes buses or other means of transportation. The venue is five minutes away from the central train station. Make sure to check your journey on the day of your travel, since the times are subjected to changes and delays.

Food and drinks

Around the venue you can find several places to eat, either for a quick bite, but also if you want to dig in and dine out. The venue also offers food in the cafe. For drinks you have to buy tokens in the venue, which you can pay with cash or by card.

Spending the Night

The city Leeuwarden has plenty of hotels, hostels and campings (although this might be a bit cold in October) so you can stay the night and you do not have to worry about driving back. We recommend the WTC Hotel Westcord, but there are many hotels for every budget. Check them out here!


The festivals has a small market, with festival merch and some vendors who sell CD’s and records. Some of the bands will also sell merch at the event. Make sure you have some cash if you go shopping, since not all vendors will have a pin machine.


Do you have questions or feedback for us?

Do you want to volunteer or make a report for your e-zine? Do you want to sell your products on our metal market? Do not hesitate to contact us! For the media applies that only relevant outlets and photographers will be considered for an accreditation.