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At The Into The Void festival, one of the stages will be named after the recently deceased booking agent Danny ‘Bidi’ van Drongelen. On Saturday October 21st, five bands, all of them booked at the festival by Bidi himself before he passed away, will honour his vivid personality.

Last May, Bidi van Drongelen passed away unexpectedly at the age of 47 while visiting the Rock Hard festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. His death came as a shock to the international metal scene: it seemed like he came to every show and festival and everyone knew him. Into The Void was one of the festivals that Bidi loved to visit and organiser Paul van Berlo knew him well. “At the previous edition of Into The Void, only a year ago, we were loudly singing along to our favorite metal songs with a beer in our hands.”

During the 2016 edition, Bidi booked the bands ZooN and Fable Dust in the dancing hall of the Dutch venue Neushoorn. Afterwards Van Berlo asked Bidi to make a program for that stage in 2017. “I did not ask him to be a curator, because that would be a bit too serious. Nevertheless I suggested that he would book 4 or 5 bands on that stage. Enthusiastic as he was, he immediately started. I would get an update from him, almost on a daily basis, about the acts he wanted to play there.”

“I want to keep the memory to Bidi alive, as well as the things he stood for: having fun, his love for music, a passion for young, upcoming talent and good music. This is why from now on, this stage will be called ‘Podium Bidi’ (The Bidi Stage). At each upcoming edition of the Into the Void festival, we’ll try to connect that stage with who he was.”

The following bands will perform on Bidi’s stage: the French progressive metal band Klone, with a semi-acoustic set. Leviathan Speaks, the solo project of Bathsheba’s vocalist Michelle Nocon and one-man band Ashtoreth with his drone-doom soundscapes, both hail from Belgium and they will plunge the hall in a threatening darkness. Dead Elvis & His One man Grave hails from the Netherlands and will serve the audience authentic, zombified rock ‘n roll! Slasherwave artist Neoslave from Belgium will conclude the evening at Podium Bidi. “Lets end it with a bang,” as Bidi would say.